In the end I’m breaking the habit…

I've just read the sad news about Chester Bennington.  No-one will ever understand why he seems to have died in this way. The reason why it is called mental ILLNESS is because like any physical illness it can hit anyone & seemingly without reason.  I felt the need to post because when I was growing... Continue Reading →


Margaret Atwood

Has anyone else been watching Hulu's adaptation of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale? I can honestly say that it is amazing. Everything is almost exactly as I imagined it.  Margaret Atwood is a heroine of mine. She writes how I think. She writes how I would like to write, how I wish I could write.... Continue Reading →

Kathleen Tessaro’s Rare Objects

A few months ago I read a book by Kathleen Tessaro called Rare Objects. It's a very emotional book covering some dark subjects, during a period of history which was becoming so enlightening for women - 20s & 30s America.  There were a couple of quotes in there which resonated so much for me. The... Continue Reading →


Another of my favourite Pinterest posters is E.H. She posts a lot of poems.  It's really difficult to make poems that rhyme in couplets without sounding forced or without it sounding senseless & lacking meaning. At uni we were even told to avoid writing poems that rhyme just so we avoided those cliches. Why I... Continue Reading →

R.H. Sin

I use Pinterest a lot for various ideas. R.H. Sin has various positivity posts on there. I love this quote!

Finding peace

One of the hobbies I have is drawing. It's only in the last few years that I have begun to get any good at it, even though I did Art to GCSE level.  I find that drawing gives me a sense of peace, a sense of solace. Concentrating for hours, getting every line just so,... Continue Reading →

Cherry blossom

Here's another project I've worked on recently, this time with beads. Now depending on your viewpoint I'm either a woman with many talents or a 'jack of all trades, master of none'. Regardless, I like these beaded cherry blossoms! For those beaders out there, the branches are done with brick stitch using size 8 seed... Continue Reading →

Egging class – March 2017

So none of you won't know this yet unless you already follow me on Instagram, but over the last few years I have started decorating eggs. Three times a year I go to a class in Bristol where we learn a new design for decorating a goose egg. My most recent class was in March... Continue Reading →

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