Beaded choker

I've not done any beading for a few weeks but I've recently come across this design for a necklace.It is made using Tila beads, superduos, and seed beads (size 8, 11 & 15). The original pattern said using 39 tilas but this was far too long for my neck so I went with 30 and... Continue Reading →

Finding peace

One of the hobbies I have is drawing. It's only in the last few years that I have begun to get any good at it, even though I did Art to GCSE level.  I find that drawing gives me a sense of peace, a sense of solace. Concentrating for hours, getting every line just so,... Continue Reading →

Cherry blossom

Here's another project I've worked on recently, this time with beads. Now depending on your viewpoint I'm either a woman with many talents or a 'jack of all trades, master of none'. Regardless, I like these beaded cherry blossoms! For those beaders out there, the branches are done with brick stitch using size 8 seed... Continue Reading →

Egging class – March 2017

So none of you won't know this yet unless you already follow me on Instagram, but over the last few years I have started decorating eggs. Three times a year I go to a class in Bristol where we learn a new design for decorating a goose egg. My most recent class was in March... Continue Reading →

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