The future of social networks 

The invention of social networking is probably one of the landmark events of the 'noughties'. A technical revolution, they now permeate almost every facet of our everyday lives and are used by young and old alike. Current platforms already do so much for us, so where can social networking go from here? Arguably, the first... Continue Reading →


Critical review – Snowdrops

As part of my third year factual writing course at university we had to learn how to write critical reviews. Here is my piece. Recently shortlisted for the Man Booker prize, A.D. Miller’s Snowdrops (Atlantic Books) has been a subject of much criticism since it was first published in January. The characters were the first... Continue Reading →

Wrestling with my conscience – to vote or not to vote…

This was a piece I wrote ahead of the last general election in 2015. I'm sharing it because the points are just as salient now. It doesn't seem like that long ago that news bulletins were telling us "it's one hundred days until the general election", as if this was some major milestone. It wasn't.... Continue Reading →


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