Writing job

I felt the urge to post tonight. Last month I went on holiday to Portsmouth & I really liked it there. It's been the first place for a long time that I could imagine myself living & to be honest I didn't want to come home. When I got back I decided to have a... Continue Reading →


Not getting along well

Last time I blogged about freelancing I was not getting along too well - I'd just been rejected from Copify and was waiting to hear back from a couple of other places. Things have not got better. I was finally invited to join Contena but it actually costs quite a bit of money so I... Continue Reading →

Week 1!

I'm about five days in to my first week of my renewed hope of making it as a writer. I was looking for a new career move when I suddenly thought about applying for writing jobs that I can do from home. I figured that this might supplement my income for now and hopefully might... Continue Reading →

A positivity post

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog! I have to confess that in the last few years I've been really pre-occupied/unmotivated when it comes down to my writing. I've hardly written at all and my other blog over at the Motor Page has been sadly neglected because life has gotten in the way. No,... Continue Reading →

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