Random thoughts

I am having so many random thoughts at the moment, about my life and where it is headed. This post will be a bit topsy-turvey & it’s really not going to fit anywhere, just the same as my thoughts don’t and I’m not sure I do either. This is going to probably be quite a... Continue Reading →


Creative snippet

There are quite a few creative apps on the market to help with your writing. Some are more to do with the look & feel of your writing but you can also get ones which help with content creation.A while ago I found an app which had pre-loaded words you could play around with to... Continue Reading →


"Jade? Stay calm and take your time. Don't use any words you aren't comfortable with ok? When you feel ready." I curl my feet under me and the brown leather crunches. I feel the sofa getting warm. I know I have to start soon but I don't want to speak. Not now, not ever. Suddenly it... Continue Reading →

Looking for a title

This is something I started working on a while ago. Looking for a title and wondering where to go next. All ideas welcome.  Sometimes you have to quit the ones you love, not because they set your soul on fire but because it burns so fiercely that you're afraid you might combust. When you quit... Continue Reading →


After the third failed attempt at putting up the tent I threw the hammer down in frustration. It bounced off my foot, hard. "Fuck!" I shouted, hobbling about and cursing that Riley had dragged me out here.   "It'll be fun," she said "back to nature, escaping the stresses of daily life."  "But why can't we go... Continue Reading →

The Strange Fear of the Friend Death

Orange smog - the after-burn of 3000 lives  smothering the dead. Crickets chirrup trying to wake them back to life but  they sleep on, the smog tucking them into their earthy beds.   This nocturnal boneyard was a punishment place, revenge for tantrums & disrespectful retorts. Haunting ghosts are perfect fodder for a naive brain. But... Continue Reading →

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