Not getting along well

Last time I blogged about freelancing I was not getting along too well – I'd just been rejected from Copify and was waiting to hear back from a couple of other places. Things have not got better. I was finally invited to join Contena but it actually costs quite a bit of money so I had to decide against it. I've also not heard back from any of the other places & I don't expect I will now either.

This post finds me rather fed up if I'm honest. I've had a really bad day at work & it's just reinforced the fact that I need to make some changes. Today I've been shouted at or patronised by people at all levels, I've been given a mountain of extra things to do so I'm even further behind & I've just come away feeling frustrated, isolated & that people could not be bothered about whether or not I take a breath.

I'm fed up of crying & of my body hurting because I feel so knotted up with all what is going on. I'm having one of my epic shutdown days where I can no longer stand to have a conversation with someone, I just want to rant. Or cry/go to sleep. I've hardly eaten a thing today & I'm sat writing this with a hot water bottle behind me because my back aches so much.

I'm sorry guys for going on about all of this but I need to get it down. If you have made it this far without tearing your own hair out or bursting into tears yourself then thanks. If you have a minute perhaps you could post some words of encouragement for me or share some of your own freelancing success stories, just so I know there is some hope out there. I'd be really grateful.

Much love to you all,

A xxx


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