In the end I’m breaking the habit…

I’ve just read the sad news about Chester Bennington. 

No-one will ever understand why he seems to have died in this way. The reason why it is called mental ILLNESS is because like any physical illness it can hit anyone & seemingly without reason. 

I felt the need to post because when I was growing up I loved Linkin Park – the lyrics spoke to me. They understood me & sometimes no-one else did at the time. And Chester’s voice just made it.

Dear Chester,

I know that you can’t ever read this but thank you. Thank you for those moments where it felt like you were there & you understood. Thank you for those moments where you made me feel empowered as a human being. 

I am sorry that you felt like you had so few choices left to you. I hope that you didn’t feel alone. I hope that you knew how you touched my life & the lives of thousands of others. Most of all I hope you’ve found peace.

You will keep on inspiring us. 

Much love,

A xx


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