A positivity post

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog! I have to confess that in the last few years I've been really pre-occupied/unmotivated when it comes down to my writing. I've hardly written at all and my other blog over at the Motor Page has been sadly neglected because life has gotten in the way. No,... Continue Reading →

Featured post

Random thoughts

I am having so many random thoughts at the moment, about my life and where it is headed. This post will be a bit topsy-turvey & it’s really not going to fit anywhere, just the same as my thoughts don’t and I’m not sure I do either. This is going to probably be quite a... Continue Reading →

Embracing change

I am not a person that finds change easy. I can do it but psychologically it takes a heavy toll if I’m not ready, and in order to be ready I need to digest the choices. Changing work or moving are big choices and they are often choices I feel pushed towards. I want to... Continue Reading →

Expensive hobbies

It’s September which means that here in Devon it’s time for the Creative Stitches and Hobbycrafts Show. My aunt has gone every year for about 20 years and I’m now hooked on going too! I’ve been saving for several months and blew quite a bit of money. But I got a lot of enjoyment &... Continue Reading →

Writing job

I felt the urge to post tonight. Last month I went on holiday to Portsmouth & I really liked it there. It's been the first place for a long time that I could imagine myself living & to be honest I didn't want to come home. When I got back I decided to have a... Continue Reading →

Egging class – July 2017

I've finally finished my egg from last month's egging class! The beauty with doing these eggs is that you can put it down when you want & pick it up again you want. Each bit is a task in itself so you don't have to worry about remembering at which point you stopped and what... Continue Reading →

Creative snippet

There are quite a few creative apps on the market to help with your writing. Some are more to do with the look & feel of your writing but you can also get ones which help with content creation.A while ago I found an app which had pre-loaded words you could play around with to... Continue Reading →

Not getting along well

Last time I blogged about freelancing I was not getting along too well - I'd just been rejected from Copify and was waiting to hear back from a couple of other places. Things have not got better. I was finally invited to join Contena but it actually costs quite a bit of money so I... Continue Reading →

Beaded choker

I've not done any beading for a few weeks but I've recently come across this design for a necklace.It is made using Tila beads, superduos, and seed beads (size 8, 11 & 15). The original pattern said using 39 tilas but this was far too long for my neck so I went with 30 and... Continue Reading →

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